Making mocks easier to write

Though my association with Java is quite long back ( since 1999), I recently stated working on creating Android Applications .

One of the important part of software development is that the code should be testable in Unit. That means mock out whatever is external to the code and just check whether the call to methods behaves in expected ways .

In Mockito I used to mock the members with a method

NetworkApi networkApiMock = Mockito.mock(NetworkApi.class);

when you import static mock method mock by doing this

import static org.mockito.Mockito.mock;

Yet better way is when you can do things like

 NetworkApi networkApiMock;

This will work when the class under test is annotated with

 Class ClassUnderTest{

 NetworkApi networkApiMock;

 public void testCase(){




Quite handy and saves time 🙂

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